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How Trucking Cube Concept Evolved

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Trucking Cubes are an ISO Certified International Standard Transportation Cubes (Containers) to offer you 3600 Logistics and Transportation solution by ensuring zero damage with full privacy either for part load or full volume of consignment. It facilitates zero transshipment and tailored logistics solutions. Trucking cube are robustly constructed containers, which are ideal to deliver your goods intact and dust free by keeping them secured throughout the transit from unforeseen climatic and geographical conditions.

Unforgettable History Era 1956

In this era of transportation goods were on the General Cargo Ships, where variety of goods were loaded on the ship and after a long journey the goods were unloaded at the destination port. Goods were often stowed with incompatible cargoes in the same cargo space and such cargoes were often exposed to dirt and moisture due to long voyage time.

As per study, the General Cargo ships used to take about a month for just loading/unloading operation at the Port and 40% of goods were damaged during the transit.

Malcom Mclean

In endeavor to ensure safety of goods and faster turnaround vessel from Port, Malcom Mclean pioneered the idea of standard Container (20 Ft/40 Ft) for Maritime Trade, which subsequently shaped the modern Container Vessel Trade.

Transportation in India

General Practice in India

Indian Roads are an important means of transportation with a road network of around 5897671 Kilometers. Most of the roads of the country are un-surfaced and not suitable for vehicular traffic that leads to jerks and jumps, which lead to damage of customer’s good up to a great extent. In Traditional transportation, the goods of multiple clients were kept on single trucks despite knowing the nature of goods. For instance, Vegetables, Soaps, and Refined were loaded on the same truck. Due to poor road condition, Soap Cartons were torn and mixed with vegetables that caused damages to both the products. Sometimes trucks get stuck on the way that leads to transshipment challenges. On the way, it is impossible to get the trained labour, unskilled labour loads the truck haphazardly, and there arises goods loss. Also, the unskilled laborers are not upgraded with the latest techniques of racking on the truck, absence of which bases jerks and jumps on the way ultimately causing damage to the goods.

In an endeavor to ensure the safety of the goods and faster turnaround over prevailing challenges of the transportation industry, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal pioneered the idea of Trucking Cube (Containers), which subsequently shaped modern logistics in a better way.


Keeping Indian market requirements in mind, our mentor launched Trucking Cubes (Containers) in various sizes i.e 4,6,8, 12, 16, 20 ft for different size consignment as per demand and suitability. For achieving the tremendous reduction in labor and hub service timing, APML was watchful about the standardization in container designs, which were awarded patent protection.

Specialty of Trucking Cube 'Container'

  • “ATAC “
    ApkaTaala, AapkiChaabi
  • “EI “
    Exclusive but Inclusive
    (A cost effective Transportation)
  • “VAED “
    Vehicle Availability at Eye Distance

Dynamic Attributes of Trucking Cube

Robust Construction

The sturdily constructed Trucking Cubes are weather-resistant, which are made to keep your belongings safe from the external elements. It provides added security to your valuable goods while in transit.

Impact-Resistant Wall Paneling

Our specialized containers are uniquely designed with weather and impact resistant high tech polymers wall panels that are reinforced with an aluminum exterior sheet for immense safety and security.

Safe & Secure

As you have the lock and key with you, only can have access to your belongings.

Built-In Tie-Down Rings

Suitable tie-down ring to perfectly secure your possessions with the straps.

Convenient Roll-Up Door

Unlike swing doors, our durable roll-up doors do not need as much space to open. It means you will be able to have more room in your driveway.

Ramp-Free Loading

Our spacious and well-built containers enable your loading easier with ground-level access.


It is similar to Mclean concept but keeping Indian market requirements in mind launched Trucking Cubes in various size i.e 4,6,8, 12, 16, 20 ft for part load consignment.

Trucking Cube - Virtual Warehouse

A way forward to reduce freight cost as well as loss/damage of goods due to transshipment by default which are part load consignment.

Requirement of covered area is negligible, which generally requires to a logistics company for consolidation of goods that cause a huge cost.