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When a change is favorable, it is always welcomed and appreciated. Trucking Cube (Container) is one such change that has revolutionized the transportation industry for a good purpose. This change, or say evolution, has stirred other concerned industries as well, leaving positive remarks over time. Trucking Cube (Container) has not only benefitted the clients, but it has also reaped monetary benefits for the service providers taking up this innovative approach.

We’d be pleased to extend this novel venture with more and more industry leaders joining us in our endeavors.

How to be Business Partner with Trucking Cube (Container)?

  • JOIN US AS A HUB PARTNER / YARD MANAGEMENT PARTNER Provide us with a suitable space for the storage of our cubes and earn a good share of profit.

    Things We Expect From You in This Context

    1. The floors should be cemented or constructed in paved blocks
    2. At least 7-feet high boundary wall with wired fencing
    3. Provision of electricity and water supply
    4. A robustly constructed main gate that is 30-36 feet wide
    5. Space for Workshop

    Construction required: Office room, staff room, drivers restroom, storeroom, washroom with primary amenities.

  • JOIN US AS A FLEET PARTNER Embrace the opportunity to run your vehicles with us and ensure a fixed income.

    Few Things We Need From You:

    1. Your company profile with details of any collaboration in the past and present.
    2. List of vehicles with details of Kilometer run per month
    3. Preferred routes for your vehicle
    4. Details of Guarantor

    Any other specific detail that you would like to share.

Be A Partner

Grab the opportunity to become the partner of India’s largest packing and moving company. Get connected with us and empower your business.

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