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At the heart of any outstanding company are the exceptional team members, who believe in the principles of integrity, authenticity, and ambition. This makes our hiring and training process arduous and systematic. A successful organization is always the fruit of hard-efforts reaped by its members. Each and every member of Agarwal Movers Group has invested its dedication, innovative thinking & potential to make Trucking Cube (Container) a revolutionary concept in the logistics industry.

Mr. Navneet Agarwal


Mr. Navneet Agarwal, a graduate in commerce background possesses a vast knowledge of the IT sector. He always stays connected with the technology and leaves no stone unturned to make our company digitalized in all aspects. Being a tech-savvy, he always remains in a quest of technological wonders that take company one step forward towards growth in the cloud world. Mr. Navneet Agarwal employing his expertise in IT and having a clear understanding of customer requirements in context of household relocation delivers best and quality services to customers consistently. Being a relocation head, he puts the whole emphasis on customers’ emotions attached with their valuable possessions and thus leads his team to apply human touch while executing packing and moving process during relocation of goods.

He is an appealing personality with a sharp vision that always centric on growth and success of company. For the betterment of company and in fact entire logistics industry, he keeps on doing researches and suggests new and unique concepts that always prove beneficial. His flawless business practices and enthusiastic approach will definitely help company to maintain its position and goodwill in the industry.

Mr. Saransh Agarwal


Mr. Saransh Agarwal is a graduate in Accounts & Finance and has played a vital role in bringing trucking cube, a revolutionary concept in the industry as the permanent killer of transshipment. He realized that transshipment is the silent killer of a brand's reputation that actually spoils quality of their products during transit like FMCG, pharmaceuticals etc. To eliminate this problem, he did deep research and came up with an exclusive solution in the form of trucking cube. He is the man with great leadership skills and leads his team in a way to ensure company’s services and concepts meet the highest standard of quality.

Having his roots connected with logistics industry and following the company’s policy of satisfying its customers to fullest or to do everything keeping customers as it core, he incorporates his efforts to innovate something out of the box that benefits both customer and industry at same time, trucking cube is the big example of it. His unique ideas, passion to take company at new heights and vision centric on bright sunny day instead of whole dark night is responsible for the rising popularity of trucking cube. Being an operational head, Mr. Saransh Agarwal is responsible for driving growth and differentiation across portfolios at Company. His driving force and positive business approach will definitely work to maintain the company’s top position in the industry for coming years.