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Trucking Cube (Container)

Trucking Cubes (Containers) are our latest and unique innovations that have revolutionized the Indian Logistic Industry to ensure a convenient and hassle-free business process. There is an inbuilt GPS System for Online tracking through which we can easily track and monitor the location of the consignment. These containers are offered in distinctive sizes to cater to the dynamic and customized requirements of our esteemed customers with zero transshipment. Owing to our personalized approach,

Key Features

  • enquire-nav-completed Zero Pilferage
  • enquire-nav-completed Dust-Free Delivery
  • enquire-nav-completed Easy to channelize
  • enquire-nav-completed 16% reduction in packaging cost
  • enquire-nav-completed 100% online Consignment Tracking through GPS
  • enquire-nav-completed Cube fitted with ACS facility
  • enquire-nav-completed Pest and Vermin Proof
  • enquire-nav-completed Secure and Lockable via our lockbox system

Product Details

Trucking Cubes are sturdily constructed, which are built from weathering carbon steel to protect your goods. These containers are developed using high-grade material to keep your valuable safe inside from wind, rain, and other climatic adversities. As an exclusive alternative to carrier units, trucking cube containers are the perfect transportation and storage solution for a wide range of business segments including FMCG, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Furniture, Health industries, etc. We offer comprehensive Cube Variants to meet the dynamic requirement of industries.


  • Distinctive sizes are available
  • ApkaTaalaApkiChaabi (ATAC) facility
  • Steel floor
  • Online GPS tracking system
  • Transport/shipping certifications
  • Variety of Container

Dimensions and Weights of Trucking Cube

Specifications may vary

Cube (Container) Ace
Capacity (MT)1.7’
Cube (Container) 407
Capacity (MT)3.0
Cube Container (1109)
Height 8’
Capacity (MT) 5.1
Volume 1024
Cube (Container) Pick Up
Capacity (MT)2.4
Cube (Container) 709
Capacity (MT)4
20” ISO Containers
Height 8’
Capacity (MT) 07
Volume 1280

How Trucking Cube Delivers Your Goods?

We always strive to make your goods delivered at your premises more smoothly. We use high-tech equipment to deliver your consignment without any damage and in an intact position. While getting delivery always ensure that the area is clear to place the containers.

Delivery of Your Goods through Trucking Cube Container is done by two methods.


Tilt Tray

We make use of the Tilt tray, which is automatically tilted at an angle and the container is slid off, with the trucking cube (containers) moving at a slow pace. This is the most popular transfer method used for containers. Tilt trays are the most appropriate sites with overhead power lines as the container height upsurges meaningfully when tilted.


Cranes and Forklift

We are fully equipped with high-tech Cranes and Forklift, which has a complete handling mechanism from the Crane’s Cabin. By using cranes and forklifts, Trucking Cube Containers have perfectly placed in a tilted position and a raised area. Our containers can also be emplaced over the fence and other obstacles.

Our Comprehensive Cube (Containers)

Cube Ace

Dimension: 4’x8’x6.5’

Capacity: 208 CFT

Our Cube Ace Container is the smallest cube in our range, which is ideal for small storage and transportation requirement. These cubes are extensive qualities like pest and vermin proof, secure lockable, wind and water tight. With the capacity to store goods upto 208 CFT, these trucking cube containers are safe, secure and water tight.

Cube Pick Up

Dimension: 6’x8’x6.5’

Capacity: 312 CFT

Our Cubes Pick Up with the loading capacity of 312 CFT is unique shipping containers that are windproof, water tight and impermeable to vermin and pest. These containers are integrated with ceiling and floor lashing points for your goods fastening. Being portable in nature, they can be easily delivered on-site, near site and placed in our storage units and warehousing facilities.

Cube 407

Dimension: 8’x8’x8’

Capacity: 512 CFT

Our Cube 407 Containers are portable are safe, secures and can be easily delivered on-site, near site and kept in the storage units and warehousing facilities. These high security cube containers are ideal for transporting and storage of furniture, equipment, parts or excess stock.

Cube 709

Dimension: 12’x8’x8’

Capacity: 768 CFT

Developed using high quality metals, our Cube 709 Containers are highly secured, strong and weatherproof, which are safe to secure your stock inside. Their unique and simple design makes them one of the most adaptable transportation and storage solutions. Equipped with lashing points on ceiling and flooring, these cubes are completely safe.

Cube 1109

Dimension: 16’x8’x8’

Capacity: 1024 CFT

You can be greatly relieved knowing that your valuable goods are safe and secured while kept and transported inside high security Cube 1109 Trucking Cube Containers. Being portable in nature, they can be easily delivered on-site, near site and placed in our storage units and warehousing facilities. These cubes are ideal for static storage, tools & equipment, static storage and household goods.

20' ISO Container

Dimension: 20’x8’x8’

Capacity: 1280 CFT

Our 20’ ISO Containers are widely known for the transportation and storage of large volume of goods with ample space. These highly secured Trucking Cube Containers ensure longevity and security of goods with lock and key excess.

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