How can I find appropriate Cube (Containers) for my possessions?
Answer: Our specialized Trucking Cube (Container) is our own private ship to transport your goods without any transshipment. We offer a diverse range of cubes available in distinctive sizes. You can choose according to your requirement.
Can I transport my car to Trucking Cube (Containers)?
Answer: Your car and other motor vehicles can’t be placed in Trucking Cube but we have APM Car Carrier Service to transport your vehicle in a perfect manner. As well as, we have special trucks in which we can transport your belongings and car along with your goods.
What are the things we can’t load in Container?
Answer: Hazardous material includes toxic chemicals like liquid, gas, material or waste, motorized vehicle, lawnmowers, and illegal items, which cannot be placed in Trucking Cube. We also recommend that there are irreplaceable artifacts, heirlooms, legal notice, forms of currency, and items, which is not your personal property.
Can I access my Trucking Cube (Container)?
Answer: Yes, you can access your Trucking Cube (Container) with no other charges through our GPS enabled activity. You can use your own lock and keys to lock your trucking cube.
What type of lock should I use?
Answer: You should use good quality locks and keys on trucking cube to secure your goods from external damage.
Is there any weight limit for the goods you can keep in the Trucking Cube?
Answer: Yes, there is a specific weight limit for the trucking cube. It varies according to the size of the cube you opt for your belongings.
How Trucking Cubes are moved to one location to another?
Answer: The Trucking Cube is fully equipped with a hydraulic lift system, which is specially designed to shift the trucking cube from its place to the trucks.
Is Trucking Cube Waterproof?
Answer: Trucking Cubes are completely weather-resistant, which are perfectly designed to safeguard your valuable belongings from external calamities and damage.
What is your Trucking Cube (Container) especially made from?
Answer: The Trucking Cube (Container) is fabricated from steel and aluminum metal to protect your goods from jerks and jumps during the transit process.
What kinds of properties are not covered?
Answer: We are not responsible for any valuable items that are listed in agreement like jewelry, firearms, computer programs, credit cards, and other invaluable items that are irreplaceable.