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No More Transshipment of Your Goods

Trucking Cube is all set to take the transport industry by a storm. With our cube service, the company not only aims at reducing transshipment losses but also provides a 100% assurance on zero loss during transshipment.

In case, the truck breakdown during transporting then only the cube is transshipped and not the goods as they are securely locked by our clients. And we save a lot of time because of cube service.

The cubes come in six sizes which are 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 20 feet. We are playing a crucial role in the food and pharmaceuticals industry. Because we are giving the airtight, dust free, and weather free solution.

While transporting food and pharmaceuticals products, the temperature usually increases beyond the designated levels, thereby inducing the phenomenon of rancidity. Rancidity damages the quality and efficiency of the food. It has a direct impact on the health of the consumer. It can prove fatal for the brand’s name as well as company reputation.

Our Cube Service protects the commercial goods from expiring before the expiry date. The goods which have to be transported in exclusive cubes or containers are assigned for them, avoiding any rancidity.

The Trucking Cube looks to migrate its entire service to the different-sized cube container model. We have proven ourselves that the brand stands for quality, out of the box thinking and providing customers with delight service in India.

Our Transshipment Cube Service:
  1. Our cube is made as per ISO certification of India, hence no water leakage is possible which is common in close body trucks service.
  2.  We provide exclusive Cube Service which can be opted by the clients for part shipment.
  3.  Our cube service saves your goods from Dust, Water leakage.
  4.  Our Cube is airtight which provides no leakage for air packed goods especially pharmaceutical & foods.
  5.  We provide you with low premium insurance on account of zero risks.
Our service is 100% track able, you can use online consignment Tracking ID through GPS.